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 If you are disqualified for the following Motor, Transmission, suspension, or the refusal of a tear down or any claim you will lose all points for that night   along with an additional 100 points.

 Any car that is dominating will be required to add weight at the tracks request. Also, after 5 wins in this class you will be required to move up to the next   Mini stock class.



  • Only 4 Cylinder vehicles providing it meets all safety requirements listed in the general rules. Must be stock from factory year make and model of vehicle.

  • No 4x4 or all wheel drives. No turbo, superchargers, or nitrous.

  • Gas only no alcohol.

  • Vehicle must have rev limiter. 

  • Absolutely no racing parts unless they are listed below.



  • Factory stock bodies, no gutting of any kind expect for doors only for roll bars. No gutting of the trunk, hood, roof etc.…

  • No convertibles, and no aftermarket bodies are allowed. Stock bodies ONLY.

  • Stock unaltered body and frame. No aftermarket bumpers they must be stock. Can run a loop bar on front and rear bumper. Loop bar cannot go past the frame rails.

  • May add kickers to front loop bar but must not pass stock radiator support.

  • Must have stock radiator support no aftermarket.

  • Can remove hood latch but must run hood pins.

  • Must have 6pt roll cage. Please see general rules for specs.

  • No bars passed the firewall or rear strut towers. No bars from stock radiator support to the firewall. No bars from rear strut towers to rear bumpers. No bars in fenders or rear quarters. No rub rails on the outside of the vehicle. 


   ENGINE & TRANMISSION/SUSPENSION- all must be stock from factory for make and model.

  • Stock unaltered 4 Cylinder engines only. Stock engines for that vehicle.

  • No porting and polishing of any kind.

  • All stock internal and external engine components. Except K&N race filter.

  • Stock unaltered manifolds. No other racing parts will be allowed.

  • May remove A/C, power steering, EGR valve (smog).

  • Stock transmission with all working gears. No racing clutches or lightening of flywheels.

  • Stock rear ends. No locked front or rear ends.

  •  Must have stock unaltered suspension. No camber bolts, bump stops, spring spacers, or rear steer. Rear wheels must be straight.

  • Can run safety hub on right rear of vehicle.



  • Stock wheels only. Must be steel or aluminum. No racing or homemade wheels allowed.

  • Must have same size wheel and tire all the way around. No stager of any kind.

  • Must have no less that 35psi in all 4 tires. (This will be checked at the end of the race).

  • No wheel spacers.

  • Any series DOT steel belted radial tire. No racing tires.

  • Highly recommended 1in lug nuts on steel wheels. 


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