If you are disqualified for the following Motor, Transmission, suspension, or the refusal of a tear down or any claim you will lose all points for that night along with an additional 100 points.

Any car that is dominating will be required to add weight at the tracks request.


  • Only 4 Cylinder vehicles providing it meets all safety requirements listed in the general rules. Must be stock for make of vehicle such as GM-GM, FORD-FORD, HONDA-HONDA, etc.…

  • No 4x4 or all wheel drives. No turbo, superchargers, or nitrous.

  • Gas only no alcohol.


   BODY & Frame

  • No convertibles, and no aftermarket bodies are allowed. Stock bodies ONLY! May run aftermarket noses, no late model or wedge nose.

  • Gutting is allowed but body must remain stock with the exception of hatch/trunk can be removed. 

  • Stock unaltered frames. No tube chassis.

  • Can run factory stock gas tank, or racing fuel cell. Can be mounted in the trunk.

  • Can move the battery but it must be secured and covered. Front inner fender may be removed for tire clearance.

  • Must have a firewall between the trunk area, and driver’s compartment if you run a fuel cell. NO PLASTIC FIREWALLS THEY MUST BE METAL OR ALUMINUM. 

  • Must have all stock firewall, and floor pans to the center of the rear end. All holes must be sealed on the firewall. 



  • 4 Cylinder engines only.

  • No porting and polishing of any kind.

  • All stock internal and external engine components. Except K&N race filter.

  • Headers are allowed.

  • May remove A/C, power steering, EGR valve (smog).

  • Stock transmission with all working gears (can be locked). No racing clutches or lightening of flywheels.



  • Must have stock front ends or rear ends. Can be locked.

  • Must have all stock unaltered suspension. No racing springs, no racing shock, no wedge bolts.

  • No bump stops or spring spacers. Rear wheels must be straight no rear steer.

  • Can run camber bolts.

  • Can run safety hub on right rear of vehicle.




  • Stock wheels or 8 in. maximum racing wheels. Bead locks allowed on the right side only. No homemade wheels allowed. Stock aluminum wheels may run stock lug nuts.

  • All 4 wheels must be the same size. No staggering of wheels, no wheel spacers.

  • Any series DOT steel belted radial tire. No racing tires.

  • Highly recommended 1in lug nuts on steel wheels.