If you are disqualified for the following Motor, Transmission, suspension, or the refusal of a tear down or any claim you will lose all points for that night   along with an additional 100 points.

 Any car that is dominating will be required to add weight at the tracks request.


Engine Rules:
Engine Option #1:
1. factory sealed GM 602 or Quicksilver 602 crate engine
2. Weight = 2,800 lbs.
3. These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pan with special
twist off bolt heads or Chevrolet Performance cap seals, which are installed at the Chevrolet Performance
4. These sealed engines must not be altered, modified, or changed from factory specs. The sealed engines
must remain intact and not tampered with.
6. Any seals that have been removed or tampered with will make the engine illegal and not eligible for
7. No changes are allowed to the engine including the intake manifold, heads, valve covers, front cover,
oil pan, harmonic balancer, or any other part(s) on or in the engine.
8. No vacuum pumps. No evac systems of any type, including but not limited to the breather system style.

Engine Option #2:
1. 362 cubic inch maximum, factory production or aftermarket steel blocks.
2. Weight = 3,000 lbs.
3. Any cast iron 23* steel heads. No aluminum heads.
4. Max valve size: 2.02” intake, and 1.6” exhaust.
5. Any intake manifolds. No porting or polishing.
6. Steel or cast cranks and rods. No exotic material cranks or rods (ex.: aluminum or titanium)
7. Flat top pistons only.
8. Any flat tappet camshaft only. No roller cams.
9. Timing chains only. No gear drives.
10. Stud mount rockers only. No stud girdles.
11. Stock diameter valve springs only. 1.260” maximum O.D. Beehive springs allowed, 1.320” maximum
O.D., ANY manufacturer (Chevy, Ford, or Dodge). NO double valve springs.

Engine Setback Rule:

1. Engine must be mounted in stock location, in center of chassis. #1 spark plug must be in front of or
centerline of upper ball joint.
2. Weight penalty of 50 lb. per ½” will be added forward of water pump for improper setback.

Carburetor Rules:
1. Engine Option #2 – 500 CFM 2 barrel only.
2. 2 Barrel carburetor will be checked with go-no-go gauges top to bottom.
3. Either engine Option may run 1” maximum carburetor spacer, .040” tolerance. At no point may spacer
extend into intake manifold area. Two (2) standard thickness carburetor gaskets, .070” maximum
thickness allowed.

4. Engine Option #1 – may run one (1) four-barrel carburetor only. Chevrolet Performance 602 Circle
Track Engines perform best with a quality 650 CFM carburetor.
5. All carburetors (for both engine options) must have conventional style floats along with needles and
seats. NO individual cylinder tuning or equivalent allowed.
6. All carburetors (for both engine options) must have conventional “Holley-style” straight or down leg
boosters. NO exceptions. NO super bowl type carburetors allowed.

Distributor Rules:
1. Any standard distributor type electronic ignition allowed. MSD ok.
2. No magnetos and No crank triggers.
3. No electronic traction control devices allowed.

Water Pump Rules:
1. Stock type cast or aluminum water pump permitted.
2. No electric water pumps.
3. Manual fans only. No electric fans.

Fuel, Fuel Cell, and Fuel Pump Rules:
1. An approved fuel cell must be securely mounted in the trunk area of the car, inside a .20 gauge metal
box supported by a minimum of 2” x 1/8” steel straps.
2. Gasoline, Racing Gas, or E-85 fuel allowed. No methanol or alcohol.

Body Rules:
1. No late model/wedge style noses
2. May run 8 inch spoiler

Frame and Suspension Rules:
1. 108” minimum wheelbase. Any chassis with wheelbase shorter than 108” will not be allowed.

2. Uni-body cars may connect sub frames. X-bracing allowed. All cars must remain within ½” of stock
wheelbase of car being raced. Wheelbase must match that of front clip being raced, and rear suspension
must match front suspension (ex. 70s Camaro front clip must have leaf spring rear suspension).

3. Front Suspension:
a. Must use stock steering box, stock drag link, idle arm. Tie rods and ends may be tubular and made
hyme jointed.
Quick Steer allowed.
b. Any stock type spindles allowed (recommend Speedway or equivalent 3-piece spindles for ease of
repair). No wide 5 spindles or safety hubs.
c. Stock production lower control arms, of any manufacture mandatory. Metric cars may use tubular
lower control arms
d. No shortening or lengthening lower control arms.
e. 5” coil springs mandatory, mounted in stock location.
f. Weight jacks allowed.
g. Tubular aftermarket upper control arms allowed.
h. Cross member may not be cut or altered except for fuel pump or oil pan clearance.
i. NO bump stops or bump springs of any type allowed. One spring rubber per corner maximum

4. Rear Suspension:
a. Stock rear suspension only. Must be the same as make of car being raced.
b. Stock rear frames may be repaired from center of rear end housing to rear bumper with square tubing or
1 ¾”, .095 minimum thickness round tubing.
c. Any stock type rear end housing permitted (GM 10-12 bolts or Ford 9 inch) in any make of car. No
quick-change rear ends. Rear end may be locked.
d. Floater axles permitted.
e. Must use steel, stock lug pattern hubs. No wide 5 aluminum safety hubs.
f. Rear trailing arm mounts at frame or leaf spring mounts, must remain unaltered and in stock location
with one mounting hole ONLY. Leaf spring cars may have adjustable shackles on rear only. Rear trailing
arms must be stock (may be boxed for strength and safety), or stock length tubular, non-adjustable trailing
arms are ok. Arms must be within ½” of factory length trailing arms for car being raced, 2 ¾” maximum
from bottom or rear end housing to center of control arm bolt.
g. Upper control mounts maximum of 3” from center of top of rear end housing to center of mounting
bolts or on 9” Ford housing, 7 ¾” from seam center of axle tube to center of mounting bolts.
h. No sliders front or rear.
i. 5” coil spring mandatory. Any leaf springs allowed.

j. Weight jacks allowed.
k. No panhard bars or z bars of any type.
l. No underslung rear suspension allowed.
m. Bottom shock mount must be mounted behind rear end.
n. NO bump stops or bump springs of any type allowed. One spring rubber per corner maximum
5. Spring or rubber bump stops only allowed.
6. Brakes:
a. Must have operating brakes.
b. Dual master cylinders ok.
c. Standard steel rotors only.
d. No scalloped or gun drilled rotors. No exotic brake systems.
7. No data acquisition devices of any type allowed.

Shock Rule:
1. Steel bodied, symmetric (same size/diameter), non-adjustable shocks only. No Schrader valve shocks.
No piercing valves. Shock valving or gas pressure may not be adjustable at the racetrack. No air shocks.

Clutch and Transmission Rule:
1. Automatic transmission with shift kits allowed.
2. Any direct drive or automatic transmission is allowed. 
3. Drive shaft loop MANDATORY on all cars. Must be mounted 5” to 8” behind front u-joint of drive
4. ALL drive shafts must be painted white for safety.

Tire and Wheel Rules:
1. 8” maximum steel wheels. Beadlocks allowed. Stock type lug pattern only.
2. Any 8 inch DOT or Modified tire is legal