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2023 Bomber Rules

Car Requirements:

  • Any V6 or V8 cylinder providing it meets all safety requirements listed in the general rules.

  • Front or rear wheel drives are allowed. (cars, trucks, vans).

  • No 4 wheel, all wheel, Turbos, Superchargers, or Nitrous are allowed.

  • Gas only NO ALCOHOL.


  Body & Frame:

   • May run aftermarket nose piece, no late model noses.

   • Stock firewall, floor pans need to be a piece of metal covering between a fuel cell and cockpit.

   • You may run sheet metal in the cockpit.

   • You may run aluminum or steel sides for reskinning the car. The roof, hood and deck lid must remain stock. No slanted roofs.

   •  Stock body cars can weigh a minimum of 3,200 lbs. Cars that have been reskinned must weigh a minimum of 3,400 lbs. 

   •  5" spoiler max. 

  Engine & Transmission:

   • Engine must be in stock location (no setbacks) • Chevy 361 max (no 400’s)

   • Ford 351 max

   • Cast iron intake only… no aluminum intakes, no high rises, no porting, and no polishing. 

   • Stock heads, no double humps or vortex. No porting and polishing. 

   • NO HEADERS. Cast iron manifolds only.

   • 450 lift cam max. 1.94/1.5 valves

   • May run aftermarket valve covers, air cleaners, power steering pumps, and racing oil pans. 

   • No roller rockers or stud girdles

   • You may run screw in studs and guide plates for insurance

   • Crankshaft must be in STOCK and no light weight (Crank must weigh 50lb or more)

   • Transmission must be stock for make and model, no aftermarket clutches, flywheels or torque converters must be stock

   • 2 or 4 valve pistons allowed no domes

   • 6” rod max, no lightweight rods


  Carburetor Rules:

  May run a quartered jet or stock gauged 4412 two barrels. With the two barrels they must be stocked with holly metering blocks and       float bowl. No holly XP and must have choke horn. Carburetor needs to be gauge legal, may run a nonadjustable adapter with 2           straight holes (NO TAPER). No super sucker type spacers.

  Rear end & Suspension:

   • Factory stock rear ends (no 9” fords or floaters)

   • Can run a locked rear end & molar axel

   • All suspension must be stock (no racing springs)

   • No racing shocks or wedge bolts

   • 8” max-may run bead locks on passenger side

   • D.O.T. tires ONLY (no racing tires)

   • All 4 wheels must be the same size

   • Must have all 4 working breaks

   • No break bias allowed


   V6 or V8 Fuel injected Rules:

   • Must be stock for year make and model.

   • No aftermarket racing parts for engine or suspension. 

   • Can run racing wheels, quick release steering wheel, fuel cell, racing radiator, and racing fans.


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