2021 Bomber Rules



 If you are disqualified for the following Motor, Transmission, suspension, or the refusal of a tear down or any claim you will lose all   points for that night along with an additional 100 points.

 Any car that is dominating will be required to add weight at the tracks request. No added weight is allowed unless track official has   permitted.



  • Everything about the vehicle must be stock.

  • Any V6 or V8 cylinder providing it meets all safety requirements listed in the general rules.

  • Front or rear wheel drives are allowed. (cars, trucks, vans).

  • No 4 wheel, all wheel, Turbos, Superchargers, or Nitrous are allowed.

  • Gas only NO ALCOHOL!



  • Stock bodies ONLY! May run aftermarket noses, no late model or wedge nose.

  • No gutting except for roll cage clearance.

  • Can run factory stock gas tank, or racing fuel cell. Can be mounted in the trunk.

  • Can move the battery but it must be secured and covered. Front inner fender may be removed for tire clearance.

  • Must have a firewall between the trunk area, and driver’s compartment.

  • Must have all stock firewall, floor pans, and trunk pans. No gutting of any kind. All holes must be sealed (firewall, floor pans, and rear firewall etc..).

  • No lightening or shortening of frame must have full frame.



  • Engine must be in factory stock location, and stock for that car. No 400 engines, no double humps or vortec heads allowed.

  • V6 cars must run a factory engine. V8 engines must be the same make of car ex. (GM-GM, FORD-FORD). 447/222 Max hydraulic cam shaft. Max bore on cylinder 0.30.

  • Must run stock fuel injection or throttle body. Stock 2- or 4-barrel carburetor only. No aftermarket.

  • Can run aftermarket valve covers and air cleaners.

  • Transmission must be stock for make and model.



  • Must have factory stock rear end or front end of the vehicle. Can run locked front or rear end.

  • Must have all factory stock suspension. No racing springs, no racing shock, no wedge bolts.




  • Stock wheels or 8 in. maximum racing wheels. Only 1 bead lock is allowed on the right side only. No homemade wheels allowed. 1 in. lug nuts on all 4 wheels. Stock aluminum wheels may run stock lug nuts.

  • All 4 wheels must be the same size. No staggering of wheels, no wheel spacers.

  • Any series DOT steel belted radial tire. No racing tires.

  • Must have all 4 working brakes. No brake bias at all.