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2024 Bomber Rules

      Car Requirements:

 o   Any V6 or V8 cylinder providing it meets all safety requirements listed in the general rules.

 o   Front or rear wheel drives are allowed. (cars, trucks, vans).

 o   No 4 wheel or all wheel drives. No Turbos, Superchargers, or Nitrous are allowed.

 o   Gas only 110 max No E85 or C85.

      Body & Frame:

 o   May run stock or aftermarket bodies. Must have stock roof. No slanted roofs.(No late model noses)   

 o   Stock body cars can weigh a minimum of 3,200 lbs. Cars with aftermarket bodies must weigh a minimum of 3,400 lbs

 o   May run a maximum of a 5in spoiler.

 o   Front firewall must remain stock, and in the stock location.

 o   Must have stock floor pans from the front firewall to the back. Trunk pan may be removed.

 o   Must have a firewall between the fuel cell/gas tank, and the driver’s compartment. (If running a stock gas tank, it must be in the stock location.)

 o   All holes must be sealed (firewall, floor pans, and rear firewall etc..).

 o   No lightening or shortening of frame must have full frame. Can replace rear frame rails with square tubing behind rear-end. 

      Engine & Transmission:

 o   Engine must be in stock location (No setbacks). Aftermarket mounts allowed. No mid plate engine mounts.

 o   Chevy 361 max (No 400’s). Ford 351 max.

 o   Cast iron intake only… No aluminum intakes, no hi rise, no porting and polishing.

 o   Any Hei distributor is allowed. No MSD boxes, and no ignition boxes.

 o   Stock factory cast iron heads. No double humps or vortex heads. No porting or polishing.

 o   1.94 and 1.5 valves only. Stock 1.5 rocker arms must have stock markings. May run screw in or pin in studs and guide plates.

 o   Stock cast iron manifolds. No headers or aftermarket manifolds allowed.

 o   Must have stock length push rods (no shortening or lengthening of push rods).

 o   Camshaft must be hydraulic only with a maximum of a .450 lift. Nowhere on the cam rotation should it exceed more than a .450.

 o   Flat top or dish pistons only with a maximum bore of 0.60.

 o   5.7 or 6”max I beam connecting rods. No lightweight rods.

 o   Absolutely no stroked or destroked engines. Pistons cannot come out of the block.

 o   Stock stroke stock appearing no lightweight crankshaft minimum of 50lbs.    

 o   May run aftermarket valve covers, air cleaners, power steering pumps, and racing oil pans, aluminum pulleys, and aluminum radiators.

 o   No aftermarket engine blocks.

 o   Quick steer and aftermarket steering shaft allowed.

 o   No other high-performance racing parts.

 o   Stock transmissions with stock working torch convertor. Stock manual transmissions allowed with stock flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch.                          Can run aftermarket clutch pedal.

 o   No racing clutches or lightened flywheels.

 o   Fuel injected or throttle body engines must have stock internals.

      Carburetor Rules:

 o   May run an unaltered quadrajet or a gauge legal Holley 4412 two barrels must have choke horn. No XP carbs.

 o   May run a non-adjustable carburetor spacer/adapter, cannot exceed more than 1 inch. No super sucker type adapters. 

 o   No aftermarket fuel injectors, or throttle bodies.  

      Rear-ends & Suspension

 o   Stock rear ends can run Moser axles or may run a 9”ford. Floaters allowed. May run locked rear ends. Front wheel drives can be locked.

 o   Rear end mounts, and suspension must be in the stock location.

 o   No wedge bolts on front or rear. No spring spacers or spring buckets allowed.

 o   Stock trailing arms. No offset bushings.

 o   Mounts and trailing arms must be in the stock location. 2 ¾ inch maximum from bottom of rear end housing to center of control arm bolt.

 o   Stock upper and lower A arms.

 o   Stock shocks. No racing shocks, no black Bilstein shocks.

 o   $75 per shock non deniable claim. Track has the right to claim shocks during any racing event. 1 shock per wheel in stock location. 

 o   All suspension must be stock and in stock location. Stock appearing front and rear springs. Rear springs must be double pigtailed no taller than 14”.

      Wheels Tires & Brakes

 o   Stock wheels or 8 in. maximum racing wheels. May run bead locks on passenger side only. No homemade wheels allowed. 1 in. lug nuts on all 4                  wheels. Stock aluminum wheels may run stock lug nuts.

 o   All 4 wheels must be the same size. No staggering of wheels. 

 o   D.O.T. tires ONLY (no racing tires)

 o   Must have all 4 working brakes. No brake bias at all.

 o   Must run stock master cylinder, and stock brake pedal.

 If you are disqualified for the following Motor, Transmission, suspension, or the refusal of a tear down or any claim you will lose all points for that night along with an additional 100 points.

 Any car that is dominating will be required to add weight at the tracks request.


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